Thursday, April 28, 2011

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THG Recommends 3 New Albums!

I think that being more upbeat has done them some good. Critics are loving this album and I agree that they're on to something. Key Track- "Bedouin Dress"

An Horse- Walls
They started out opening for Tegan and Sara years ago, but now they've made a name for themselves.  Their first album was awesome and they've kept the same sound on their sophomore album Walls. Key Tracks- "Dressed Sharply", "Brain On a Table"

Thao and Mirah are distinguished artists in their own right. I've been a fan of Thao, and I can definitely tell which are the Thao-written songs. But now I'm a fan of Mirah and they complement each other well on this collabo album. Key Track- "How Dare You"

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